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Here to Answer the Call

Hoplite Solution will work with you to strategically plan and execute your needs. Our team is dedicated to developing unique solutions to create the best result. We strive to be our best and arrive everyday motivated to complete your project through Accountability, Teamwork, Trust and Perseverance.

  • Professionalism
    As a Hoplite Solution employee, we push to be punctual, dress accordingly and treat everyone we meet with a positive attitude.

  • Teamwork
    As a team player we take initiative while being able to share ideas, skills, and solutions to accomplish the mission with a quality outcome.

  • Transparency
    Our team will be transparent with you to ensure that issues are communicated and resolved as quickly and effectively as possible.

  • Care
    We will take on every project with the proper handling from start to finish to ensure that the outcome meets or exceeds your expectations.

We Offer the Complete Package

Our relocation specialists will disassemble, package, load, store, deliver, and re-assemble/install, all your business furniture and equipment. We accomplish this by utilizing our past experiences
and all relevant materials required. Hoplite Solution can also provide relocation services for employee and office contents, no matter the size. We strive to make our customers 100% satisfied. Our team is always willing to go that extra mile for our customers.

Value Added Services

We can provide some added services that you might also be interested in. If we cannot get it done, do not worry! We also work closely with businesses and professionals that can help us in our mission to make your workspace a success.

Our goal is to reduce the amount of people you need to be in touch with and we can be your one stop shop and provide you with a Project Manager that will coordinate any other aspects of your projects needs.

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